The Ardennes Fishing Federation announced Wednesday to file a complaint against Nestlé. Its factory located in Challerenge, 50 kilometers from Reims, is accused of having polluted the Aisne river. Almost five tonnes of dead fish had to be collected. The fish were deprived of oxygen by a heavy discharge of mud.

The president of the Ardennes Fishing Federation, Michel Adam, announced Wednesday that he had filed a complaint against Nestlé after the pollution of the Aisne which resulted in the death of thousands of fish. Between four and five tonnes of dead fish had to be collected by fishermen. “To see such a quantity of fish destroyed, it is disgusting and heartbreaking. In 40 years of presidency of the Ardennes Fishing Federation, I have never seen pollution of such magnitude. It was a disaster. the river was all white, strewn with dead fish, "says Michel Adam. "It will take between three to five years to have a river as before," he predicts.

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A "punctual and involuntary overflow of biological sludge effluents"

Last Sunday, the Nestlé factory in Challerange, located 50 kilometers from Reims and which manufactures powdered milk, released a large amount of mud in the Aisne, depriving the aquatic environment of oxygen. "It could be a human error or a mechanical error. The investigation will tell us, but it is above all the repair that must be put in place. It would have to be an example to tell manufacturers' be careful, you have obligations, you must respect them and the environmental offense exists' ", concludes Michel Adam. For its part, the plant confirmed a "occasional and involuntary overflow of biological sludge effluents, without the presence of chemicals". The factory was shut down for a few days.