14 August 2020The national votes on the Blog of the dedicated Stars have been concluded, the first, on the approval or not of the so-called 'zero mandate' for municipal councilors and, the second, on the alliances of the 5 Star Movement lists at the municipal level with other parties and acronyms. The results have not yet been published.   

The vote on the Rousseau platform could ensure the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, but also that of Turin, Chiara Appendino, a new mandate as first citizens, in the event of re-election, or even in another opposition role in the event of defeat.   

In particular, for the so-called zero mandate, the Blog delle Stelle clarifies that "it proposes to modify the zero mandate in the following way: a member can consider the first and / or only mandate as municipal / municipal councilor and / or as Municipality president as null for the purpose of counting the two mandates. In addition, a municipal councilor in office can decide to run for any elective office and interrupt the municipal mandate in case of election. For councilors and / or presidents of the Municipality of a majority group it is necessary that all the other directors unanimously give their consent to the candidacy ".     

The questions, voted by the members from yesterday at 12 until a few minutes ago, were the following: "Do you agree to commit the Chief Politician and the Guarantee Committee to modify the so-called zero mandate, excluding from the count of the limit of 2 elective mandates, a mandate from city councilor, municipal councilor and / or municipality president? ". And again: "Do you agree with the Political Chief's proposal to evaluate, after hearing the Guarantee Committee, the possibility of alliances for administrative elections, as well as with civic lists, even with traditional parties?".