Former Vice President Biden, “Must wear masks nationwide” 9:12 August 14


Former Vice President Biden of the opposition Democratic Party aiming to regain power in the fall of the U.S. presidential election will have a meeting with an expert on measures against the new coronavirus with Senator Harris, who has been elected Vice Presidential candidate, for the next three months at least. He expressed the idea that masks should be mandatory in the United States.

Former Vice President Biden and Senator Harris, who have confirmed the nomination of the Democratic Party's vice presidential candidate in the US presidential election in November, will hold a video conference with public health experts and others on the new coronavirus countermeasures in eastern Delaware on the 13th. I did it.

Mr. Biden is said to have received briefings from experts on the new virus on a regular basis, but this is the first time that he has participated after selecting Mr. Harris as vice presidential candidate.

Prior to the meeting, Harris said, "We want to catch up with Mr. Biden who has been briefed soon."

After a private meeting, Biden said, "We should wear a mask when going out for at least three months in the future. We will make it mandatory to wear it in the United States immediately." Emphasized the difference in position with President Trump, who said it was unnecessary.

Mr. Biden criticized President Trump for downplaying the experts' opinions on the new virus countermeasures, and appealing that he is ready to respond to the briefing with Mr. Harris by taking a briefing. It seems that there is also an aim.

President Trump "Not Scientific"

In response, President Trump said in a press conference yesterday, "I urge people to wear a mask when they can't stay close to people, but Americans should have freedom. Biden's approach is not scientific. We should not bring politics into the response to the new coronavirus."