Last week, an increase in covid sickness was found in Skåne with a total of 184 reported cases. This week, the number has continued to rise and now corresponds to about 35 new cases per day.

At present, 14 patients with covid-19 are hospitalized in Skåne, of which 4 in the intensive care unit, Region Skåne reports in a press release.

- The steady increase in both the number of infected and the number of hospitalized patients indicates an increased spread of society, says Mattias Waldeck, assistant infection control physician in Region Skåne.

Young people and school start

In recent weeks, the number of infections has increased in the group of older teenagers and young adults, among others. Although few young people become seriously ill from covid-19, there is a risk of infecting others who are at risk.

- We must all help each other to reduce the spread of infection, so we also reduce the risk of the elderly or people working with the elderly becoming ill, says Mattias Waldeck.

The schools will start next week and many will also return to their jobs. It can contribute to increased pressure on public transport and it can be more difficult to keep your distance.

- What applies to the rest of society also applies to school - keep your distance, wash your hands often and stay home if you become ill and order a self-test at home, says Mattias Waldeck.