Afghanistan: authorities release Taliban prisoners

Afghan authorities have started releasing 400 Taliban prisoners for a peace deal. Afghanistan's National Security Council (NSC) / AFP

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The Afghan authorities announced on Friday that they had started to release the 400 Taliban prisoners. Their release should allow the start of peace negotiations.


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National Security Council spokesperson Javid Faisal tweeted that a group of 80 detainees were released on Thursday, August 13, which will "  accelerate efforts for direct talks and a cease-fire. sustainable and national fire  ”.

The fate of these 400 Taliban was one of the main obstacles to the start of negotiations , often postponed, between the insurgents and the Afghan government, which had undertaken to proceed to an exchange of prisoners.

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan yesterday released 80 Taliban convicts out of the 400 that the Consultative Loya Jirga sanctioned for release to speed up efforts for direct talks and a lasting, nationwide ceasefire.

  Javid Faisal (@Javidfaisal) August 14, 2020

Prisoners involved in attacks

A “loya jirga”, a large Afghan assembly made up of thousands of dignitaries, state officials and tribal chiefs, accepted the principle of the liberation of the 400 Taliban on Sunday. President Ashraf Ghani signed a decree on Monday ordering their release, his services said.

Some of the prisoners, however, were involved in deadly attacks that killed Afghans and foreigners, including several French. And 44 are particularly watched by the United States and other countries for their role in attacks targeting high profile targets.

Kabul has already released nearly 5,000 Taliban , but the Afghan authorities have so far refused to release the remaining 400 captives claimed by the insurgents.

The release of "  hardened criminals  " and drug traffickers will "  likely represent a danger for us, for (the United States) and for the world,  " Ashraf Ghani warned Thursday during a video conference organized by a center. Washington think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations. Peace comes at a cost and with this liberation "  we are paying the biggest installment, which means that peace will have consequences,  " he said.

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