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The National Court has rejected the contentious-administrative appeal presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez against the resolutions of the Central Economic-Administrative Court that ratified the sanctions that the Mediaset presenter received for his personal income tax return in 2006 and 2007, according to the portal 'Vozpópuli',

The Treasury claimed in 2011 Jorge Javier the payment of 796,928.81 euros after detecting alleged irregularities in the income statements in the aforementioned years. The presenter had been using a joint venture to pay less than his share.

According to 'Vozpópuli', Vázquez constantly declared an income of 60,000 euros, but the turnover of the company Jorge Javier SL threw figures that were ten times higher . According to Spanish legislation, personal income tax is 48%, while that of companies is 25%.

The case of Jorge Javier is similar to that of Pedro Sánchez's very brief Prime Minister of Culture, Màxim Huerta , who had to leave office a few days after taking office when it was discovered that he had carried out a similar maneuver.

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