Chinanews, August 13th. According to a report compiled by, the Australian federal and state governments have recently begun to reconsider the pilot program for international students. In this regard, Australian education experts said that if the border is not reopened, Australia may completely lose its students.

The "safe corridor" proposal is supported by the Prime Minister, and the pilot program for international students may begin to be implemented

  The Australian Financial Review reported on the 10th that Phil Honeywood, chief executive of the International Education Association of Australia, said that the proposal for a “safe corridor” has been supported by the Prime Minister, but only in After the state border is reopened, international students can safely transfer from overseas to universities in the Northern Territory, South Australia and the Capital Territory through the "safe corridor".

  At present, all relevant parties have signed the plan, and there are clear policy regulations on who will pay for the isolation fee. Take Charles Darwin University as an example. The Chief Executive of the Northern Territory even agreed to pay half of the quarantine fee for 300 international students who will be quarantined at the Impex factory in Darwin for two weeks. Although the plan for 300 international students in the Northern Territory is relatively small, it has symbolic significance for Australian educational institutions. It's just that the Northern Territory government is currently holding elections, and the transitional government has no right to do so before the election.

  At the same time, the South Australian government plans to introduce 800 international students, which may have a significant economic impact on the state. In this regard, Honeywood said: “Each full-fee international student can bring at least about 100,000 yuan (AUD, the same below) in income each year. They have to pay 50,000 yuan each year in tuition, plus 20,000 yuan. The cost of food, rent, travel, etc. is not small for a small economy like South Australia. South Australia deserves to reopen the border for this."

The Australian education sector urges better use of overseas study agencies to attract international students

  The Australian International Education Association also recently stated that global study agencies need to see proof that Australian universities are still enrolling international students, otherwise they will send students to countries that are more popular with international students, such as the United Kingdom and Canada. Honeywood said: "Canada and the United Kingdom have always been open to international students and have been actively recruiting students in our main markets. We are facing the danger of permanently losing market share." He also said: "We need to prove our long-term interests. More than 85% of international students come through overseas study agencies, and these study agencies are currently guiding students from China, India and Nepal on studying abroad matters and pushing them to the UK and Canada.” (Wei Wei)