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government has declared 11 additional local governments in the southern regions such as Gurye in Jeollanam-do and Hadong in Gyeongnam as special disaster zones, which were severely damaged by the torrential rain. In addition to these areas, the government also decided to investigate additional damage in units of eups, myeon and dongs, and declare them as special disaster areas if the standards are met.

This is reporter Kim Jung-yoon.

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Blue House said that President Moon Jae-in approved a proposal to declare 11 local governments in the southern regions severely damaged by the torrential rain today (13th) around 3 pm as secondary special disaster zones.

[Yunjaegwan / Presidential Spokesman: Jeonbuk Namwon, South Jeolla Province Gurye-Gokseong, Damyang, Hwasun, Hampyeong, the glory, the 11 municipalities, including jangseong county and Naju, South Gyeongsang Hadong-hapcheon county]

Thus the local government declared a special disaster area The torrential rains have On the 7th, there were 7 in the central region and 11 in the southern region today.

In particular, the government explained that the second proclamation was carried out by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security conducted an emergency preliminary damage investigation, which drastically shortened the investigation period from two weeks to three days, shortly after the local government declared a special disaster area.

The government also said that areas not included in the first and second declarations will be additionally declared as special disaster areas based on the Eup, Myeon-dong area, and if the amount of damage meets the criteria for the amount declared.

If declared as a special disaster area, the national treasury additionally subsidizes a portion of the local cost of the restoration cost, and additional reductions in various utility charges such as electricity bills, along with a disaster support fund for livelihood relief, are added to residents who have suffered damage to housing and livelihoods such as farming and fishing. Benefits are given.