Spanish authorities have detained about twenty people from different countries in several extensive raids in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia in Spain. Among those arrested are Swedes who belong to a criminal network that has an ongoing gang conflict against childhood friends in rival Shottaz. 

Ten young men have been killed in that conflict alone in the last five years. 

Pictures of marijuana plantations 

Pictures published by the Catalan police show marijuana plantations and bags of seized drugs, among other things. 

The attacks have been made after a long reconnaissance operation that lasted for a year, the Spanish police state in a press release. It was last year that the police discovered that a criminal organization from Sweden had established itself in Catalonia. 

The Swedes were arrested three weeks ago, according to information to SVT. 

In addition to the leader of the Death Patrol, his brother was also arrested, also designated as a leading person in the gang.

Two of the four leaders are already serving seven years in prison for extensive drug offenses. At that time, children were used as couriers to transport drugs. 

Suspected of double murder

Since last year, another member of the gang's core has been detained in Denmark for a double murder of two people linked to the rival gang Shottaz. 

The trial is ongoing in August. 

Five Swedish men are suspected of involvement in the double murder last year. 

Sources state that the latest arrest may reduce the network's violence. At the same time, there is a younger tail with a large capacity for violence, which looks up to the leaders deprived of their liberty. 

- It may be the end of the "Death Patrol", but they have a lot of younger people who could do anything for the leaders. Their tail is in Hjulsta, says a source.