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Money has no smell it seems. But Aki, a sniffer dog who works at the airport in Frankfurt (Germany), may not be of this opinion. In a few days, his muzzle detected a quarter of a million euros in luggage.

Between late June and early July, a dozen suspicious travelers were sniffed by this 9-year-old Malinois German Shepherd. In total, 247,280 euros of undeclared cash were found in their belongings, the airport customs office said on Wednesday.

Money talks, they say, but for some, money also smells. Aki, a nine-year old Belgian Shepherd dog based at Frankfurt's international airport in Germany, sniffed out almost a quarter of million euros in cash from travelers in a few days đŸ¶ đŸ¶ đŸ¶https: //t.co/lNTapBZRBL

- AFP news agency (@AFP) August 12, 2020

A fine for non-declaration

The money was in handbags, shoulder bags or even inside jacket pockets. The dog, trained to sniff only cash, in particular detected nearly 52,000 euros in the belly pocket of a passenger checked.

# BargeldspĂŒrhund #Aki erschnĂŒffelt am #Flughafen #Frankfurt 247.000 Euro #fraport https://t.co/6bXKV1rwLa

- HIT RADIO FFH (@FFHRegional) August 12, 2020

Travelers to third countries are required to declare whether they have 10,000 euros or more on them when entering or leaving the European Union. A fine was therefore imposed on the dozen passengers sniffed by Aki, who did not have a proper declaration to show.


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