“Splitting Party” Confluence with Rural People Activation of Majority Formation August 13 19:18

At the National Democratic Party, Representative Tamaki has indicated that he intends to form a "partition party" that separates the party with those who join the Constitutional Democratic Party and those who do not, which has intensified the movement to form a majority.

On the 13th within the National Democratic Party, Ichiro Ozawa, a member of the House of Representatives, told reporters that he will "join as a single graduate" and indicated that he would invite other members of the National Democratic Party and other independent members to join.

Representative Keisuke Tsumura, a member of the House of Representatives, told NHK that he would "join the meeting and aim for a two-party system under a new party name and leader." There are a number of announcements of joint participation, such as saying in the video posted on Twitter that "I decided to join the new party with the Constitutional Democratic Party".

On the other hand, in addition to the representative of Tamaki, Shiori Yamao, a member of the House of Representatives who joined the National Democratic Party last month after leaving the Constitutional Democratic Party, has stated that he will not join the merger.

On the other hand, among independent members, most of the members of the parliamentary group, led by former Vice Prime Minister Okada and former Prime Minister Noda, will join the merger.

However, there are some members of the National Democratic Party who have not made their attitude clear, such as a member who wants to determine the trend of industry-based trade unions who receive support and a member who wants to make a decision by consulting with local supporters. , The movement of the majority work is likely to become more intense in the future.