Al-Ahly, the Egyptian Premier League leader, announced today, Wednesday, that midfielder Ramadan Sobhi is out of his accounts, after the player informed the club of his desire to move to the Pyramids team.

Al-Ahly's contracting director, Amir Tawfik, revealed the final position of the contract with Sobhi, whose loan from Huddersfield Town ended on 30 June, by saying that the player did not receive a European offer that satisfies his ambition, to decide to move to Pyramids.

🔴 Al-Ahly: Ramadan Sobhi is out of our accounts and informed us of his desire to move to Pyramids Club

- Al-Ahly Club 🏡 (@AlAhly) August 12, 2020

Tawfiq added to the club's website today, "Our negotiations with Huddersfield took some time in the beginning, but recently we have intensified our efforts and made an offer of 2.5 million pounds (3.25 million dollars), but the English club requested 3.25 million pounds (4.23 million dollars)." .

He said, "Because we adhere to the player’s persistence with us, Al-Ahly agreed to the amount and sent a written approval to Huddersfield, then we received approval from the English club to sell the player for the amount indicated."

Al-Ahly added in his statement that after informing the player of the written consent to buy him from Huddersfield, he requested, in coordination with his agent, to postpone the completion of his transfer to Al-Ahly for a period of two days, because he received offers from other clubs and needs time to think.

Amir Hesham: Ramadan Sobhi is more artistic than Mohamed Salah # Trend # Alahlytv 📺

- Al Ahly TV - Al Ahly TV (@AlAhlyTV) August 8, 2020

Al-Ahly added, "The contract manager received a call from the player a short while ago informing him that he does not want to play for Al-Ahly and will move to Pyramids, and accordingly Ramadan Sobhi became outside the club's technical accounts."

Pyramids - which was owned by the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al Sheikh - succeeded in persuading Ahmed Fathy and goalkeeper Sherif Ikrami not to renew Al-Ahly and join his ranks, so Subhi became the fourth player to join the Pyramids from Al-Ahly after Abdullah Al-Saeed, who preceded everyone.

Al-Ahly fans launched a campaign against the player by tagging his name, which has been in the forefront on Twitter in Egypt since Wednesday morning.

Ramadan Subhi was saved in Pyramids with a mythical number. If he had refused it, he would have been called insane ... But a new shock to Al-Ahly fans and a departure at a very difficult time.

- Abdel Kader Saeed (@abdelkadr_saeid) August 12, 2020

Ramadan Sobhi played 700 minutes with Al-Ahly locally and in Africa, and his loan ended. One million six hundred thousand sterling means. 33.5 million pounds. One minute of Ramadan in the stadium is 48 thousand pounds, which means the second is 800 Egyptian pounds.

- Captain Emad Darbala🇦🇹 (@derbala_emad) August 7, 2020

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Officially .. Ramadan Sobhi informs Al-Ahly of his desire to move to Pyramids ... and gets 80 million pounds in 3 seasons

- Karim Said (@KarimSaid) August 12, 2020