The fire alarm at the University of Agriculture in Alnarp, Lomma, was triggered at 04.11 on Wednesday morning. When the rescue service arrived at the scene, a building was overheated.

- It is a larger wooden building that is burning down. A number of units are working to prevent the spread to an even larger building next door, where there are teaching rooms, says Mattias Sköld, internal commander at the rescue service Syd.

There are no reports of injuries. The police handle the incident as a crime and it is currently unclear how the fire was caused.

- We will stay here most of the day, says Mattias Sköld.

One person arrested

In connection with the fire, the police gathered strength with, among other things, personal checks in and outside Lund. At 5:30 a.m., a 27-year-old man was arrested on reasonable suspicion of arson.

The man detained will now be questioned and then a prosecutor will be contacted, police say.

Photo: Mikael Nilsson