According to the latest figures, the new Corona virus has so far infected 20 million and 342 thousand around the world, of whom more than 741 thousand have died, while 12 million and 400 thousand have recovered, which constitutes 61% of the total infections.
Amidst the continuing spread of the virus in various parts of the world, hopes have rekindled in recent hours that a vaccine will be produced that will put an end to the epidemic.

Hours after the Russian president announced his country's production of the first vaccine against the emerging korna virus, his US counterpart, Donald Trump, said that his administration had concluded a contract worth 1.5 billion dollars to deliver 100 million doses of the experimental Corona vaccine prepared by Moderna, the sixth contract of its kind since May. /May.

On Tuesday evening, Trump said at a White House press conference, "I am pleased to announce tonight that we have reached an agreement with Moderna to manufacture and deliver 100 million doses" of the vaccine the company is working on. He added, "The federal government will have these vaccine doses, and we are buying them."

And the American drug company, Moderna, announced that clinical trials of its vaccine against the Covid-19 epidemic entered the final stage on July 27. Moderna is at the forefront of the global race to find an anti-epidemic vaccine.

The endemic countries
and America is the country most affected by the Coronavirus in terms of infections and deaths, as it has recorded more than 5 million cases so far, and 164,592 deaths from the virus.

And Brazil comes second, with 3 million injuries and more than 100,000 deaths. Then India, which recorded about 2.5 million injuries, and Russia came fourth with 898 thousand injuries, followed by South Africa with 566 thousand injuries.

Mexico has turned into one of the most dangerous foci of Corona in the world, as it is ranked sixth in terms of the number of injuries, while it ranked third in terms of the number of deaths.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Ministry of Health in this country announced the registration of 6,686 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 926 additional deaths, bringing the total number of infections to about half a million, and deaths to about 54,000.

The government is struggling to strike a balance between the need to curb the pandemic and reopen its ailing economy, which shrank by more than 17% in the second quarter.

The real number of injured people is likely to be much higher than the confirmed cases, according to government statements.

In Europe, data from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases today showed that 1226 new confirmed cases of the emerging coronavirus were recorded in Germany, bringing the total number to 218,510.

The census showed that six deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 9,207.

The Russian vaccine "Sputnik V" will be put on the market next October (Anatolia)

Today, Australia recorded the largest daily increase in the number of deaths from the Covid-19 disease caused by the Corona virus since the start of its outbreak on its soil.

It also detected the largest increase in infections in three days, which dampened hopes that the second wave sweeping Victoria may stabilize.

In the past 24 hours, the state of Victoria has reported 21 deaths, as well as 410 new cases of the virus

In Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria and the second largest city in Australia, authorities imposed a night curfew last week and tightened restrictions on the daily movement of people, and ordered the closure of large parts of the state's economy.

To date, Australia has reported more than 22,000 infections and 352 deaths from the virus.

For its part, the World Health Organization called for caution and wait , after Russia announced that a vaccine had been reached against the emerging corona virus.

"We are in close contact with the Russian authorities, and talks are continuing. The stage before licensing any vaccine passes through strict mechanisms," WHO spokesman Tariq Yasarevich said.

Scientists warn that the first vaccines to be put on the market will not necessarily be the most effective.

Yesterday, Russia announced that it had developed the "first" vaccine against the emerging corona virus, which was called "Sputnik V" after the name of the Soviet satellite.

President Vladimir Putin said, "I know that it is effective enough, and that it gives sustained immunity." He confirmed that one of his daughters had received the vaccine.

Industrial production will start in September. The vaccine will be released into circulation on January 1, 2021.

The Russian authorities stated that twenty countries had previously requested "more than a billion doses" of the Russian vaccine against Covid-19.

For its part, Indonesia began on Tuesday testing a Chinese vaccine against the emerging corona virus, developed by the "Sinovac Biotech" laboratory, on 1,600 volunteers.

This vaccine, dubbed "Coronavac", is one of the few vaccines to reach the third and final stage of clinical trials before it is approved.