Cancellation of the permit for the return of residents abroad .. Registration of data is optional

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship confirmed that residents who are abroad do not need to apply for a permit to return to the country, as they can start from today to return naturally to the country, with the abolition of this procedure that was in place during the past months.

Regarding the step of registering passenger data before returning, the authority confirmed that this procedure is optional and not compulsory, with the aim of updating the data of travelers arriving to the country.

She explained that the procedures for the return trip consist in starting to update the private data on the website (, which is an optional procedure, and then it is mandatory to conduct a pre-laboratory examination abroad for the virus / Covid-19 / by accredited laboratories in the countries, noting By requiring that a negative test result be obtained for a period not exceeding 96 hours before take-off, and after that, booking a flight ticket with the necessity of presenting a virus-free certificate to air carriers.

The authority confirmed that all precautionary and preventive measures will be applied to all residents upon their arrival to the country in accordance with the approved protocols. This includes conducting a laboratory examination for the virus (Covid-19 /), and adhering to the approved quarantine according to the established procedures, in addition to downloading the Al-Hosn application to ensure their health and safety.

The step to cancel the return permit came in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership, as the National Authority for Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management and the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship approved the second phase of the Resident Return Program through the approval of prior approval starting from the date of 08/12/2020 in conjunction with the approaching end of the summer vacation for institutions Educational and return of various commercial activities and social and service facilities.

In support of the process of facilitating the return procedures for residents, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has taken the initiative to develop the current procedures by replacing registration and waiting for approval to automatically process the granting of pre-approval without the need to submit an application, and to start the procedures for the return trip, and to ensure the ease of completing the rest of the procedures easily and easily.

The Authority advised residents to update their private data / ID number, passport number, nationality / by entering the link:, noting that the data update procedure is / optional / for those wishing to verify the validity of their data and travel documents, Its relevance to the previously granted consent permit.

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