Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the US presidential elections, announced on Tuesday the selection of a California Senator, Camilla Harris, to run with him as Vice President.

Thus, Harris, 55, becomes the first non-white woman (her father is Jamaican and her mother is Indian) to run for a major presidential position in the history of the United States, and observers believe that this option gives Biden a partner in a good position to allow him to continue the attack on Republican President Donald Trump.

Biden said on his Twitter page, "I am very honored to announce the selection of Camilla Harris" to run for the vice presidency.

For her part, Harris welcomed her choice of Democratic candidate Joe Biden as his deputy to run for the presidency, and pledged to work to unify the Americans and do everything possible to make Biden the leader of the country.

On the other hand, President Donald Trump posted a campaign video on Twitter in which he described Camilla as an extreme leftist, and considered Biden and Harris a bad choice for the United States.

In light of social unrest in the country for months due to racism and police brutality against black Americans, Biden faced growing pressure to choose a non-white woman to run as his deputy.

Experts believe that Biden does not focus in his evaluation on someone who helps him as Vice President only, but rather to choose a qualified candidate to lead the helm of government in the United States, and she may later become the first woman to reach the Oval Office in the White House.