Until last week, it was the Uplanders' own responsibility to trace infections after testing positive for covid-19. The region has now hired five infection trackers. The sampling unit hopes that it will help isolate outbreaks during the autumn.

- If we increase the quality of infection tracing, we have a greater opportunity to ensure that the spread is limited in close contacts, at home and among friends, says Johan Birging Hultegård, doctor at the sampling unit.

Why have you not done it before?

- Previously, we had a very large spread of infection, which meant a great challenge for us. Now we have a situation where the spread of infection has decreased quite a lot. So it is both that we are better prepared and that the spread is so low that we can do this in a good and efficient way.

In the clip above, an infection tracker explains in more detail how it works, and Johan Birging Hultegård tells more about the autumn.