Well-known musician Samu Haber and dancer Etel Röhr have been at the forefront of Sunrise Avenue for several years. The couple got engaged in 2018, but in public they have kept a relatively low profile of their relationship.

Now Haber’s fiancé has posted the first joint picture of the happy couple on her own Instagram account. In the picture, Haber and Röhr are posing happily for the camera and the caption reveals that the shot was taken in the middle of the wedding of poker star Jens Kyllönen, which was celebrated the previous weekend.

- A celebration of love with Muru. Thank you for the beautiful atmosphere and good luck to the still fresh couple. It was nice to change the sweaters to a dress and put the caps on the ceiling, Röhr writes in his caption.

The picture published by Röhr garnered a lot of likes and praise from the dancer’s Instagram followers. In their comments, numerous Followers praised the couple looking stunning together.

- A wonderful couple, glowed one of Röhr's followers.

- Beautiful couple! Samu looks so proud and Etel looks so happy, praised the other.

- Your suit looks amazing. You look so beautiful and happy, I wish you all the best, agreed the third.

- The most wonderful couple in the world, said the fourth.

Samu Haber was dating Vivianne Raudesepp for a long time, but the couple's relationship ended in 2017. The relationship between Haber and Röhr was first reported in August of the same year, and a year later Haber confirmed to Ilta-Sanomat that the couple was engaged.

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Etel Röhr, 27, is the daughter of award-winning film director Marko Röhr. For example, Röhr is remembered for his role in the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, when he danced in the stage show of Daruden and Sebastian Rejman, who represented Finland.

Etel Röhr stole attention in the stage show for Daruden and Sebastian Rejman’s Look Away at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Photo: Andres Putting / eurovision.tv

Although Haber hasn’t just commented on his engagement in public, he glowed last fall on Life Only, how in the artist’s private life everything finally feels right.

- Home affairs is fine, really good mood. It's really nice to be there. I get to be myself and feel like I can support something and give a lot. It’s better than anything that happens in those concert halls, Haber said at the time.

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Haber, 44, has risen to prominence as the beakman of the band Sunrise Avenue. Last December, however, the band said they would end and end their nearly 20-year journey to large-scale farewell concerts in both Finland and Germany, where the band has enjoyed special popularity. However, the tour moved forward a year due to the coronavirus.

Samu Haber has remained silent about his private life over the years.

Photo: Joonas Salo / IS

In addition to Sunrise Avenue, Haber has served as a judge on The Voice of Germany, among other things. In addition, he has been seen twice in the popular Life Only program.