Putin announces the registration of the first vaccine against "Corona" in the world ... and his daughter received the new vaccine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced today, Tuesday, the registration of the first vaccine against the Corona virus in the world.

The Russian President said during a meeting with members of the government, via video conference technology,: "I have been informed that a vaccine against the Corona virus has been registered this morning, for the first time in the world."

Russia Today quoted him as saying that "this vaccine has passed all the tests."

A few minutes after announcing the registration of the vaccine, Putin said, according to what was quoted by the Interfax news agency, “One of my daughters received this vaccine. I think at some point it participated in the experiments. ”

The Russian Deputy Minister of Health Olek Grenev recently announced that the vaccine had entered the final testing stage.

Another prominent health sector official said last month that large quantities of the vaccine are expected to be produced in September.

The Russian statements raised fears that the vaccine may be passed in a hurry without taking all necessary measures to ensure its safety for individuals.

Many scientists from Russia and abroad expressed doubts about the vaccine, and asked about the decision to register it before the third phase trials that usually last for several months and include thousands of people.

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