Clashes renewed today between the demonstrators and the security forces in a number of streets surrounding the parliament in Beirut, while the vicinity of the port witnessed a gathering of dozens marking the one-week anniversary of the explosion.

And angry demonstrators raised slogans that consider that the government's resignation does not mean anything in front of the horror of the tragedy of the huge explosion, and demanded the removal of what they describe as the corrupt ruling class.

Security forces fired tear gas canisters at protesters to keep them away from the main entrances to the parliament, on the fourth day of protests demanding the departure of the ruling authority.

The protesters demanded the departure of the House of Representatives headed by Nabih Berri and President Michel Aoun, after the latter accepted the resignation of Hassan Diab's government yesterday, and assigned it to conduct business until another government is formed.

Confrontations continue between security forces and protesters who insist on crossing iron barriers separating them from the parliament.

With the passage of a week since the bombing of the Beirut port, loudspeakers broadcast a recording of the call to prayer and the sounds of church bells, mourning the souls of the victims of the explosion, before everyone stood for a minute of silence.

Earlier today, the presidency announced the signing of a decree to refer the port explosion file to the Justice Council, which is the highest judicial authority, and is competent to look into crimes against state security, and its jurisdiction includes civilians and military personnel.

Meanwhile, dozens of people gathered around Beirut Port to commemorate the one-week anniversary of the explosion.

Martyrs' Square in the center of the capital also witnessed a gathering of a number of activists who called for a transparent investigation to uncover the perpetrators of the accident.

On August 4, Beirut spent a tragic day due to a huge explosion in the port, which left 171 dead, more than 6 thousand wounded, hundreds missing and widespread destruction.