The arguments behind the exclusion from the national organization were that the management in Halmstad, according to the national organization, did not act in accordance with the association's statutes and morals. This, according to Roger Carlsson, operations manager in Halmstad, is a misunderstanding. 

- They are not correctly acquainted with the rules for the support we have received from the state, says Roger Carlsson. 

Maybe continue

Roger Carlsson says that the national organization and the local association had divided opinions about how the members should act to get back into society.  

- We have had to work uphill all the time, now we may get a chance to work the way we want, says Roger Carlsson. 

Now the association in Halmstad will gather and the approximately 40 members will together decide what will be the next step. 

- They have to decide whether we should continue or not, hopefully they want it so we can continue to work and be, says Roger Carlsson.