- Now we finally get to start with what we can call traditional teaching, that is, on site at the school, says Tomas Eliasson, high school principal in Eksjö.

During week 34, teaching starts in the county's upper secondary schools. A survey that SVT has made of the various municipalities' upper secondary schools shows that the schools have prepared measures to minimize the risk of spreading Covid-19.

- We have sparse in classrooms, where we have divided the benches so that you sit one by one, we have hand alcohol in the classrooms. There are many small things, but which can be important in the way of being and socializing, says high school principal Tomas Eliasson.

Can hold lessons outdoors

Many of the measures are about informing students and encouraging them to take into account and minimize the risk of the spread of infection.

But concrete measures are, for example, to use the premises so that it is possible to keep distance, to plan the lunch breaks so that it does not have to be full in the dining room and that hand alcohol must be available.

If certain lessons can be held outdoors, the teachers should try to do so, plexiglass is mounted in certain exposed places, for example at cafés and libraries.

Preparedness for distance learning

If the spread of infection flares up again and there are stricter guidelines from the Swedish Public Health Agency, how do you deal with it?

- Then we do as in the spring, switch to distance education. Then we were not prepared as well as we are now. It will not be popular, but we follow the recommendations that come, Tomas Eliasson explains.