• Coronavirus: 347 new cases, 305 people healed and 13 victims since yesterday
  • Rimini, crowds and no masks, Byblos disco closed
  • Positive 8 boys returned to Rome from Malta and one from Ibiza


11 August 2020

The numbers in Italy and in the world

The number of new Coronavirus infections in Italy returns to grow. The cases registered in the last 24 hours are 412, compared to 259 yesterday.

The number of deaths also rises - even if it remains at the lowest recorded in recent months: 6, 2 more than yesterday. This is what emerges from the data released by the Ministry of Health.

The healed are 203 (yesterday there were 150). Overall, 202,461 people discharged or recovered from the virus.

The currently positive ones are 13,561 (+193. The total number of victims is now 35,215. 

 The slight increase in hospitalizations (+11) and intensive care (+3) continues.