Shinzo Abe's approval rating has fallen to the lowest level since the second cabinet was launched in the NHK poll, a local public broadcaster.

NHK reported that as a result of a poll of 1,286 men and women aged 18 and over nationwide on the 8th and 10th, the approval rating of the Abe cabinet was 34%, down 2 percentage points from last month's survey.

Although the survey method is different, it cannot be compared simply, but NHK reported that the approval rating is the lowest since the launch of the second Abe cabinet in December 2012.

47% of respondents say they do not support Abe's cabinet, up 2 percentage points compared to the poll last month.

Regarding the reason for not supporting Abe's cabinet,'because of not having expectations for policy' was the highest at 58%.

Regarding the spread of Corona 19, 57% answered that the government should declare a corona 19 emergency again, compared to 28% that there was no need to declare it.

In regards to'Go to travel', a tourism revitalization project that the Japanese government started excluding Tokyo from late last month, 62% of respondents said,'We must stop once.'

When the opposition party called for an extraordinary National Assembly to deliberate on responding to Corona 19, 72% of respondents said that it should be opened as soon as possible.

As the approval ratings of the Abe cabinet continue to decline due to the problem of responding to Corona 19, the consolidation discussion between the first opposition Constitutional Democratic Party and the second opposition National Democratic Party is accelerating.

(Photo = Getty Image Korea)