24% of household income “reduced” with the new Corona NHK opinion poll August 12 5:15


Was there a change in household income due to the spread of the new coronavirus? NHK's opinion poll asked, "reduced" was 24%, "no change" was 69%, and "increased" was 2%. ..

From the 8th of this month, NHK will conduct a poll for the 18-year-old people all over the country using a fixed-line phone randomly generated by a computer and a method called "RDD" to call a mobile phone number.

2153 people were surveyed, and 1286 people, or 60%, obtained responses.

When asked if there was a change in household income due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, 24% were "decreased", 69% were "unchanged" and 2% were "increased".

When asked about when to think about the dissolution of the House of Representatives and the general election with three options, 19% of the respondents answered “within the year”, 18% of “the first half of next year”, and “whether the term of office expired in October next year”. 49% of the time is near.

Tour of the new security strategy, the government's policy that shows, including the holdings based on the recommendations of the Liberal Democratic Party asking you to consider, certain of the direction of the end to the prospect of the next month of "ability to block attacks in the opponent's area." ..

When asked if they should have such abilities, 50% said they should have it, 27% said they should not have it, and 23% said they didn't understand or did not answer.