August 11, 2020A shooting outside the White House forced the President of the United States to leave the press conference that began a few minutes ago. Trump was listing the positive results of the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq when an intelligence official approached the president and asked him to follow him immediately. "Excuse me?" Asked Trump. "Get out," the agent said. "Oh," replied the president, immediately leaving the room with apparent calm, without speaking. The reporters were forced to remain locked in the room. A minute later the news came that the president had been taken away for security reasons and that the whole building had entered "lockdown": no one could enter or leave. 

After about fifteen minutes, Trump came back and explained what had happened: a suspect, armed, was shot in the chest by the Security Services and rushed to hospital. Its conditions are not known at the moment. "I don't know who he was but he couldn't get in," he added. "There are no other injured - added Trump - the Security Services are made by fantastic people, the best of the best". Trump denied the rumor that he was taken to the White House bunker. "I was only left outside the Oval Office." Then the president resumed the conference.