, August 10th. According to, Australia is currently suffering from the second short-term outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in the country. Many international students facing graduation or just graduated have to think about whether to stay in Australia and find a job. . At the beginning of this year, Zheng Yueyue, a Chinese student who just graduated from the University of Melbourne with a major in media, not only experienced the Australian epidemic, but also encountered practical problems such as employment and entrepreneurship.

  "When I just graduated, I had a heart to start a business in Australia, but I was confused as to whether I should find a job and gain experience first. However, the epidemic that I experienced in the past six months has made it more difficult for me to find a job, and traditional jobs are not suitable for me. Why not try to start a business directly?" Zheng Yueyue told reporters frankly.

The epidemic has changed young people's outlook on employment

  When the epidemic improved a while ago, Zheng Yueyue's entrepreneurial idea was to open a physical board game pavilion. She and her fellow entrepreneurs personally traveled the streets of Sydney to inspect the location of shops and the operation of similar game halls. “We found that many board game venues in Sydney are not operating well after they reopened, and some are still facing bankruptcy. Affected by restrictions on the number of gatherings and high store rents, the risk of offline entrepreneurship is too great.” Zheng Yueyue said.

  Zheng Yueyue knows that risk and cost are realities that must be considered when starting a business. “My friends and bosses who open coffee shops or small restaurants have changed their minds. Some are only suppliers, and some are developing online businesses.” She Said that by a coincidence, a life topic article she published on the Xiaohongshu platform just helped a junior student studying in Australia. As a result, with a background in media, she wanted to use the online channels of social media platforms to open up resources and explore a seemingly more feasible way to start a business at this stage.

  "There are many WeChat groups with different courses among our international students. Our newly graduated students are all chatting about work in the group. Because the epidemic has spread too much, I once wanted to do sales, jewelry, exhibition and study agency work. Of students are interested in transforming online-related jobs, such as new media operations, online consulting, etc." Zheng Yueyue believes that young people are paying more and more attention to “online” and all see the benefits of “online”.

Australian friends join the entrepreneurial team

  Zheng Yueyue told reporters that sharing and "planting grass" for others is one of her favorite things in life. "In order to prevent new students from coming to Australia from detours, I tried to post a few articles about life at the beginning, sharing my life skills in Australia for two years. An article published in June'How to study in Australia really save money Qian's strategy gained three or four hundred likes and collections within two days, which surprised me at the time and determined to continue writing it down."

  "Many bloggers just share life or bring goods in Xiaohongshu, and I hope to be able to'benefit others', really help friends in our international student circle, and gradually expand into profitable accounts and valuable full-platform free Media brand." Zheng Yueyue said.

  The money-saving campaign, supermarket recommendations, second-hand market collections, online fresh fruit and vegetable ordering, international express delivery, strategies for returning overseas students during the epidemic, strategies for embassy health packs and government subsidies application are all shared by Zheng Yueyue's "lengthy talk".

  "I am worried that what I know is not accurate enough. I consulted all my local Australian friends and Chinese classmates who grew up in Australia to study the strategy. I didn't expect them to be more interested than me." Zheng Yueyue thinks this makes her more interesting The motivation to "make a big difference." “As small as a winery or a certain product in a supermarket, I will carefully research with them. They are now officially a member of my team.” Zheng Yueyue said.

Entrepreneurship is not just about knowledge realization

  Nowadays, after many online bloggers share knowledge on social media platforms and get a lot of traffic, some operation promotion companies will take the initiative to come to the door to "pay for their knowledge." Zheng Yueyue told reporters that she has received "invitations" from several promotion companies and has been drawn into the WeChat group of some product agents. "We are not completely rejecting commercial operations, but our original intention to start a business is to establish our own brand to truly help international students study and live in Australia, and hope to promote cultural exchanges between China and Australia."

  "My mother is a teacher who teaches Chinese courses to Korean students. She founded a Chinese school and silently contributed to the cultural and educational cause of China and South Korea. This also affected my entrepreneurial ideas. I think we want to do more than just knowledge realization. , It should be the realization of social value." Zheng Yueyue said.

  "We will strictly check the good things recommended to our friends, share practical knowledge and dry goods, help and trust our team of overseas students, and give us the work we can do." Zheng Yueyue mentioned that she and Australian friends are building their own On the website, find students majoring in IT technology to help try to create a social circle app for lifestyle sharing.

  "Under the epidemic, we can still do a lot. Although we don't know whether we can achieve our own "entrepreneurial success" in the future, we will not let down the expectations and trust of those strangers in us." Zheng Yueyue said. (Chu Li)