Jean Castex during his visit to an Ehpad in Bourg-en-Bresse on July 31 (photo illustration) - ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

  • The Prime Minister spent "a few days with the family" this weekend. A short parenthesis which paradoxically underlined… his media ubiquity since his appointment.
  • Jean Castex will participate on Tuesday in the two defense councils, devoted respectively to Niger and the coronavirus epidemic, before going to Hérault.
  • For Franck Louvrier, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy and close to the new chief executive, the latter must now increase his popularity.

He had promised earlier this month to be "operational 24 hours a day" during the summer. In recent days, Jean Castex has been more discreet. While an episode of heatwave is currently crossing the country and health indicators raise fears of a resumption of the coronavirus epidemic, its last trip dates back to a visit to the Cher, last Wednesday, on the theme of support for wine growers.

Since then, the Prime Minister has limited himself to posting messages on his Twitter account, calling on the French to be vigilant in the face of the hot weather, supporting the inhabitants of Beirut after the explosion that affected the Lebanese capital, or even making tribute to the French killed in Niger on Sunday.

I address my fraternal thoughts and support to the families of our compatriots.
This cowardly and abject attack mourns our country and all those who fight, everywhere, for the right to live with dignity.
They have my infinite respect.

- Jean Castex (@JeanCASTEX) August 10, 2020

A short break

More discreet speeches linked to a distribution of roles with the President of the Republic, focusing on support for Lebanon, but not only. The Prime Minister "has taken a little family time since Thursday," explains Matignon. A pause during which however remained "on permanent watch, and extremely vigilant to the evolution of the epidemic".

The parenthesis will have been short-lived anyway since Jean Castex will participate on Tuesday morning in the two defense councils brought together by Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, the first devoted to the situation in Niger after the death of several French people in an attack, and the second in monitoring the coronavirus epidemic. The chief executive will then take over the management of Hérault, on the first day of the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in certain sectors of Montpellier. He will then go to La Grande-Motte on the theme of "prevention against health risks during the summer", reports Midi-Libre . “With Bourg-en-Bresse and Lille recently, this will make three trips devoted to Covid-19 and the heatwave in ten days! “, Emphasizes those around him.

"He's on the front"

These few days during which he gained ground will finally have highlighted the hyperactivity of the Prime Minister since his appointment in early July. "I have the impression that he is on the front! », Observes Franck Louvrier, former head of communication Nicolas Sarkozy and close to the chief executive. In fact, Jean Castex traveled extensively and occupied the media space in July. “When I was mayor, I was told that I was on the move. I will not change now that I am Prime Minister! », He confided to the JDD on August 2.

“This media exposure enabled him to take on the responsibility of Prime Minister. He has settled the issue of notoriety, he must now settle that of popularity! », Notes Franck Louvrier. For this, "he must show that he is as close as possible to the daily concerns of the French and provide them with answers", specifies Franck Louvrier. "It is not an easy subject, since in general, when the Prime Minister takes a subject, it means that the problem has not been solved for the others. "

Link with the territories

For Fabien Matras, LREM deputy for the Var, "to rely on mayors and local elected officials, as Jean Castex wishes to do, is part of the solution to the mistrust of the French towards political personnel". "The good solutions often come from the field", adds the parliamentarian, who also sees very favorably the reinforcement of the State staff in the territories to the detriment of the central administration, as the government recently underlined. during a budget debate in the Assembly.

On the issue of notoriety, the task is immense. According to an Elabe poll published Thursday, August 6, the Prime Minister's confidence rating now stands at 36%… seven points below that of Edouard Philippe when he left Matignon.


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