China News Service, August 10th. According to the Russian Satellite Network, the Russian New Crown Virus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters stated that in the past 24 hours, Russia has added 5118 new confirmed cases of new crowns, and the cumulative number of infections has reached 892,654. There were 70 new deaths, a total of 15001 deaths, and a total of 696,681 people were cured and discharged.

  The Russian Epidemic Prevention Command pointed out that in the past 24 hours, there were 5118 new confirmed cases of the new crown virus in 83 Russian federal subjects, of which 1356 (26.5%) had no clinical manifestations.

  The most new cases of new coronavirus infections are in the following regions: Moscow City 694 cases, Sverdlovsk Oblast 179 cases, St. Petersburg 157 cases.

  In addition, according to the Russian Federation Consumer Rights Protection and Public Welfare Supervision Agency, Russia has completed more than 30.8 million tests for the new crown virus, and currently 240,000 people across the country are under medical observation for suspected infection of the new crown virus.