The cumulative number of corona19 cases around the world exceeded 20 million.

Concerns are being raised that the reins of the spread of infection have been lifted due to the rate of increase of 10 million people in just one month.

According to the global statistics website World O Meter, as of today (10th) at 8 o'clock in our time, the world's cumulative corona19 confirmed 20 million,331 people.

The number of confirmed cases exceeded 20 million in about 7 months since December 31, last year, when an unidentified pneumonia in Wuhan, China, was reported to the World Health Organization WHO.

It has been about half a year since January 30 this year when the WHO recognized the seriousness of the spread and declared an international public health emergency.

Corona 19 confirmed cases are showing a rapid increase in recent years.

Cumulative confirmed cases surpassed 10 million on June 28, and then increased to 15 million on the 22nd of last month, 25 days later.

Since then, it has increased by 1 million every four days.

It took about 6 months from the first report of the outbreak until the number of confirmed cases reached 10 million, but it took only 43 days for the number of 10 million to increase again.

The number of cumulative confirmed cases by country is the highest in the United States, with 5196,000,643.

Followed by Brazil (3035,422), India (22,14,137), Russia (887,536), South Africa (559,000,59), Mexico (475,000,902) The back is following.

Korea ranked 74th with 14,598.

The number of cumulative deaths worldwide was estimated at 733,000,100 at the same time.

In the United States, where the number of confirmed cases is the highest, the number of deaths was the highest, accounting for 165,000.

Following this, there were 101,000 people in Brazil, 52,000 people in Mexico, 46,000 people in the UK, and 44,000 people in India.

The death toll in Korea was 305, the 72nd.

The spread of Corona 19 is increasing as major outbreak countries are confused about quarantine.

In the United States and Brazil, it is clear that the government views the disruption in economic activity caused by strengthening health policies.

In Europe, a trend of re-proliferation is emerging as the summer holidays coincide.

Italy lowered its border threshold ahead of vacation, and the number of confirmed cases soared to 500 in August, and a second wave from Europe was visible.

In Asia, there are concerns over the rapid spread of Japanese, recording 1,000 new cases a day.

Young people are also attracting attention as a variable in the re-proliferation of Corona 19.

In the United States, the most affected country, the proportion of young people under the age of 40 accounts for half of the confirmed cases in Los Angeles County, California.

Some countries have also been observed to effectively curb the spread of Corona 19.

New Zealand said yesterday that no community infections (transmitted from inside New Zealand to inside New Zealand, but not foreigners) had been released for 100 days.

There are currently 1,219 confirmed cases and 22 deaths in New Zealand, and community infections have not been seen as of May 1st.

(Photo = World O Meter, Getty Image Korea, Yonhap News)