Conscription work for college students this year

Intensify guidance and incentives to unblock the green channel for enlistment (link to the conscription policy)

  "When danger comes, I can clearly feel that my heart is beating for the motherland." Yuan Yuan, a female "post-90s" soldier enlisted from the Sichuan Vocational College of Science and Technology, was the first female war artillery squad leader of the Tibet Military Region. Nowadays, there are more and more college soldiers who have ideals, pursuits, and responsibilities like Yuan Yuan.

  Building a first-class army requires first-class soldiers. In 2009, the Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the Central Military Commission focused on building a strong people’s army and launched a full-scale recruitment of college students. In the past 10 years, more than 1.5 million college students have been recruited. In recent years, the number of college students enlisted in the army has continued to increase, and the recruitment ratio has been rising year after year.

  The top priority of the conscription work for college students this year is to recruit graduates. A few days ago, the Ministry of Education and the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission jointly issued a notice to make arrangements for the recruitment of college students in 2020. The notice clearly stated that this year, all localities will further increase work guidance and policy incentives, do their best to recruit college students, especially college graduates, and supplement high-quality soldiers to promote the modernization of military personnel and enhance the combat effectiveness of the army. "We will further optimize the structure of the recruitment of college students, increase the recruitment ratio of college graduates, and send more high-quality soldiers to the army." According to the staff of the recruitment office of the Ministry of National Defense.

  Among the recruits enlisted in a brigade in Tibet in 2018, the proportion of college students reached 52.5%. Yang Han, director of the political work department of the brigade, said that college student soldiers have mature ideology, strong cultural foundation, and strong accepting ability, which are an important talent foundation for future military development. This year’s notice clearly requires that college students, especially graduates, must be comprehensively evaluated for their majors and military needs, fully soliciting personal wishes, and arranging to serve in technical-intensive troops with professional counterparts as much as possible, so as to maximize the matching of personnel and posts, and make use of talents. benefit.

  All localities should take into account the situation of epidemic prevention and control, set up recruitment physical examination stations on a regular basis, and unblock the green channels for college students to enlist. All localities must introduce specific measures to include staff and their children participating in the front-line anti-epidemic task, especially college graduates, into the priority collection.

  The situation of conscription in Hubei Province has received attention. On June 10th, Hubei Province held the 2020 Conscription Policy Propaganda Conference to systematically introduce the newly released "Implementation Opinions of Hubei Province on Strengthening and Improving Conscription Work in the New Era", clarifying: "Have a college degree or above (including college freshmen), After passing the physical examination and political examination, they can be directly determined as the target of the army, and priority will be given to the enlistment in the land acquisition plan."

  With the approval of the State Council and the Central Military Commission, starting from 2020, the conscripts will be recruited from once a year and once retired to twice a year. Affected by the epidemic, the recruitment work in the first half of 2020 will be postponed to the second half of the year. The recruitment will start on August 1, with recruits starting on September 10 and ending on September 30.

  The state and the military have successively introduced a series of incentive policies to encourage college students to join the army.

  The Political Work Department of the Military Commission and the National Defense Mobilization Department of the Military Commission have recently jointly issued a notice to deploy the direct recruitment of non-commissioned officers from regular colleges and universities graduates in 2020. In order to realize the precise connection between the job requirements of the army and the professional expertise of local recruits, this year's direct recruitment of noncommissioned officers relied on the recruitment network for the first time, organized professional potential and registration surveys across the country, accurately issued local recruitment plans, and comprehensively measured the academic level and professional courses of the candidates. The selection of non-commissioned officers is based on the results, professional qualification certificates, etc.

  After being admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China as a graduate student from Jiangsu Suqian College, Yao Zhiwei, a retired college student, made a leap in his life. It is not just him. In 2019, 8 retired college students from Suqian College participated in the national postgraduate examination and 6 were admitted. They benefited from the "Special Masters Program for Retired College Soldiers" implemented by the Ministry of Education: Tsinghua University, Peking University and other 467 colleges and universities listed separate places for retired college students in their graduate recruitment.

  All localities will give full play to their subjective initiative, innovate and introduce preferential policies to encourage college graduates to join the army, and encourage outstanding students to actively respond to the call of the state and sign up for the army. The "24365" campus recruitment network will set up a special area to unblock the channels for job hunting and employment for retired college students and soldiers.

  Reporter Lee Long Yi