Emmanuel Macron holds the hands of a woman in the district of Gemmayzeh hit by the explosion at the port of Beirut, Thursday August 6 - Bilal Hussein / AP / SIPA

Emergency aid collected on Sunday during a video conference co-organized by France and the UN for Lebanon after the explosion that devastated Beirut amounts to just over 250 million euros, announced the 'Elysium.

The total amount of "emergency aid committed or mobilized in the short term" is 252.7 million euros, including 30 million euros from France, said the French presidency.

A "transparent" investigation requested

Five days after the terrible explosion that ravaged Beirut, the international community said on Sunday that it was "not going to let down" Lebanon, but demanded that its aid be "directly" distributed to the population and that an investigation "" transparent ”is carried out on the causes of the disaster.

"In this horrible period, Lebanon is not alone", assured the thirty heads of state, government and ministers who participated in a videoconference co-organized by the UN and France to help Lebanon.

In total, 252.7 million euros of aid - immediate or mobilizable at short notice - were collected to help the victims of the huge explosion on Tuesday in Beirut, which left at least 158 ​​dead, 6,000 injured, tens of missing and hundreds of thousands of homeless, said the French presidency.

France will send medical and food aid

The European Union has pledged 60 million euros to meet "the most pressing needs". The Gulf countries have also opened their wallets, like Qatar, which has pledged $ 50 million.

France - whose contribution amounts to 30 million euros - will send more than 18 tonnes of medical aid and nearly 700 tonnes of food aid. The Tonnerre helicopter carrier, equipped with a hospital and with 200 tonnes of flour and dairy and infant products on board, set off in the evening from Toulon (south).


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