China News Service, August 9th. According to "Central News Agency", an Air India Express passenger plane ran off the runway when it landed on the 7th and broke into two, causing 18 deaths and more than 100 injuries. After the accident, some experts questioned the flight safety of the airport. In response, Kumar, Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of India, responded that the runway could be safely landed because the captain had poor judgment when landing.

On August 7, local time, an Air India passenger plane dashed off the runway and broke into two when it landed at Kazhikode International Airport in Karipur, Kerala, southern India.

The airport involved has long had flight safety concerns?

  The incident took place at around 19:40 on the evening of the 7th at the Calicut International Airport in Calipur, Kerala, southern India. At that time, the plane was carrying 184 passengers, 2 pilots and 4 crew members. Most of the passengers were Indian nationals who were stranded in the UAE and returned randomly due to the new crown epidemic. According to the live broadcast of the local TV station, at the time of the incident, there was heavy rain in the airport area, and the plane broke into two pieces after it broke off the runway.

  According to reports, the investigation team composed of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of India and the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau has already taken the opportunity to investigate the accident site. At present, the black box and cockpit voice recorder on the plane have been found.

  Although the accident investigation is still underway, many flight safety experts pointed out on the 8th that Calicut Airport has a “Table Top Runway”, that is, the runway is located at high altitude and has a valley at one or both ends, so the end of the runway Space is limited. Once the plane lands in heavy rain and downwind, accidents are prone to occur.

  Aviation safety expert Kot Mohan Ranganathan said that Calicut Airport does not have a minimum runway end safety area (Runway End Safety Area). The runway zone is only half the width specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization, which poses a flight safety risk. . Another expert also accused that the airport runway had not been tested for friction coefficient.

The Hindustan Times reported that the plane (Boeing 737) was flown from Dubai to Kalipur to pick up Indian nationals trapped there due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic from Dubai.

The General Administration of Civil Aviation of India approves the captain of the dead as "very poor judgment"

  Faced with questions from experts, Arun Kumar, Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of India, stated that Calicut Airport is the 11th busiest airport in India. Some people say that it is a mistake that the runway has not been tested for friction coefficient.

  Kumar stated that the captain’s “difficult judgment” caused the accident because the captain “wrongly judged” during landing, because the runway had enough length to land safely. However, the two captains who were criticized by Kumar for "poor judgment" have been killed in the accident.

  According to a statement by Air India Express, the passenger plane numbered AXB1344 landed near taxiway C, about 1,000 meters from the start of runway 10. This seems to mean that the aircraft did not reach the runway.

  According to the report, Indian authorities investigated reports of similar accidents in 2010 at Mangalore Airport, which has a "desktop runway." Three airports in Mangalore, Calicut, and Lengpui in India have " Due to the undulating terrain and space constraints, take-off and landing at these airports requires stronger skills and more caution. The risk of landing and running off the runway will especially lead to serious accidents.

  But at present, the real cause of this accident still has to wait for the official investigation report to be released.