Lebanese military: search and rescue operations continue to find survivors little hope

  Xinhua News Agency, Beirut, August 9th (Reporter Li Liangyong) The Lebanese military said on the 9th that search and rescue operations at the explosion site in the Lebanese capital Beirut port area are still continuing, but the hope of finding survivors is getting bleak.

  The Lebanese military said at a briefing on the progress of the search and rescue held at the Ministry of Defense building that day that after the explosion, search and rescue teams from France, Russia, Qatar, Germany and other countries have arrived in Lebanon one after another and carried out search and rescue operations in the divided areas of the explosion site. After several days of search and rescue operations, the hope of finding the survivors is now getting slimmer.

  The Lebanese military said that it can be said that the first phase of the search and rescue operation has ended, and the search and rescue teams of many countries are preparing to evacuate, but the search and rescue teams of France, Russia, Turkey and other countries have decided to continue to participate in the search and rescue operations.

  The briefing did not mention whether these search and rescue teams found survivors.

  A violent explosion occurred in the Beirut port area on the evening of the 4th. So far, the explosion has caused 158 deaths, more than 6,000 injuries, and dozens of others are missing. The explosion also left about 300,000 people homeless.