A soldier at the scene of the double explosion in Beirut, August 6, 2020 (illustration) - Thibault Camus / AP / SIPA

A first resignation after a night of anger. Lebanese Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad announced on Sunday that she was leaving the government, the first resignation of its kind after the explosion at the port of Beirut that traumatized public opinion and fueled anger against the carelessness of the leaders.

“After the enormous disaster in Beirut, I am submitting my resignation from the government,” the minister said in a brief televised address. “I apologize to the Lebanese, we could not meet their expectations. "

A policeman killed

On Saturday evening, angry demonstrators stormed several ministries as well as the headquarters of the Association of Banks, and a police officer was killed, in the wake of a demonstration against the authorities, to whom the responsibility of the deadly explosions of August 4.

The Prime Minister, Hassan Diab, announced in a televised speech this Saturday evening that he was going to propose early parliamentary elections, the only ones capable of "making it possible to emerge from the structural crisis" that the country is experiencing. He added that he was ready to stay in power "for two months", until the political forces come to an agreement on this subject.


The explosion in Beirut created a crater 43 meters deep


Explosion in Beirut: more than 60 people still missing, four days after the tragedy

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