On Sunday, the Jordanian security services prevented protesters from reaching a sit-in in the city center of Irbid, in the north of the country, in conjunction with several vigils, in an indication of the continuing crisis of the teachers union with the government.

Teachers and citizens held a protest stand in Irbid, chanting against the government and demanding the release of the Teachers Syndicate Council and the rest of the detainees, but the security forces confronted them and arrested a number of participants in the stand, and security prevented another stand for teachers in the capital, Amman, where the Professional Syndicate Complex surrounded by security reinforcements heavy.

On Sunday evening, a number of governorates, such as Mafraq and Madaba, witnessed demonstrations of solidarity with teachers and chants against the government.

On the other hand, Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Al-Razzaz said that his government had implemented what it had committed to towards teachers, and that the allowance would return to all state employees at the beginning of next year.

Al-Razzaz added in a televised speech that the Jordanian state is for everyone, and will not allow any party to bully or bully it, referring to the escalating crisis between the government and teachers.

About a week ago, the security services arrested 27 teachers and a member of the Syndicate, bringing the number of detainees in connection with the crisis of the Teachers Syndicate with the government to 51 detainees, including leaders of the Syndicate Council.

The crisis between the government and the teachers' union dates back more than a year, after the latter organized a strike last year that lasted for a month, demanding financial bonuses, and it was agreed between the two parties to grant teachers a financial allowance at the beginning of this year in exchange for ending the strike and the return of teachers and students to schools.

With the beginning of the year, the agreement was implemented by granting teachers financial bonuses, each according to his service, work reports and achievement, and with the outbreak of Corona in mid-March / last March, the government decided to stop the financial allowances granted to public sector employees, including teachers, in a government austerity campaign to confront the repercussions of the spread of the virus In the kingdom.

The Teachers Union considered the government's decisions a violation of the agreement signed between them, and threatened to take escalatory measures in exchange for the restoration of the bonuses, including entering into a new strike at the beginning of the school year next September, boycotting participation in the parliamentary elections expected to take place before the end of the year, and other escalatory measures.