Five years after the first murder in Bromsten, ten young men have been killed, in what are considered acts linked to the conflict between the rival gangs. Those involved were former childhood friends, schoolmates and neighbors in Rinkeby and Tensta in the Järva area, but are now part of one of the bloodiest gang conflicts in Sweden. 

Only one of the murders has led to a conviction, against a then 16-year-old boy who murdered a 24-year-old at a pizzeria in Rinkeby in front of several diners. It must have been revenge for a person on his own side being murdered in Rinkeby a few days earlier.

Around the current conflict, there have been several assassination attempts and humiliations, which have been filmed and spread to show power.

Attempts have been made to mediate between the two sides, in vain.

Convicted of murder at pizzeria escaped

The now 18-year-old man who was convicted of the pizzeria murder was sentenced to three years in closed juvenile care due to his young age. With only a few months left in a youth institution, he recently received help to escape during a guarded leave at a shopping center in Kungsbacka.

At the same time, a close relative of his must also have left a sheltered accommodation and he too has disappeared without a trace, according to information to SVT Nyheter. Area police officer Rissa Seidou is concerned.

- One wonders what they are up to. Is it for them to take part in the trial? Is it because they get orders from the leaders?

Five are on trial in Denmark

Five people in the group to which the now wanted 18-year-old killer belongs, are charged with a double murder and an attempted murder in Danish Herlev in June last summer. The trial begins on Monday and runs throughout August. All deny any wrongdoing.

One of those involved is said to have taken a picture of one of the murder victims and spread it on social media.

According to the police, the murdered belong to the rival side in the Järva area. They were there on business, but were tricked into a trap. When they were about to get into a car, they were met by five masked people, armed with a pistol and automatic weapons. The youngest of the suspects was then 17 years old.

Threading can result in harsher punishments

In Denmark, they risk twice as severe punishment if it can be proven that they have connections to gang conflicts.

Police hope that any convictions can deter young people from joining the gangs. But the deadly conflict between the two gangs is far from over.

-We see many young men who are vindictive. They are there on different individuals for different reasons. There are very many young guys who we think could potentially shoot someone else to death, says area police Jörgen Larsson.

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