• Missing woman with her son, she is yellow. Her husband's appeal: go home
  • Disappeared in Mantua 45 year old owner of two supermarkets


08 August 2020A gap of twenty minutes. Twenty minutes that could solve the case of Viviana Parisi who disappeared on Monday 3 August with her son Gioiele.

"The toll receipts tell us that there are twenty minutes of gap between the moment she left and the moment she returned." The prosecutor Angelo Cavallo retraces the woman's movements in an interview with La Stampa.

" his country, Venetico, has reached Milazzo. Here - explains the prosecutor - instead of stopping as she had told her husband, she took the motorway towards Palermo and left at the Sant'Agata junction, without paying the toll. In Sant'Agata we don't know what she did for twenty minutes, then she got back on the road up to the point where the accident on the motorway happened ".

On the hypothesis that Viviana has changed her program, Cavallo explains: "There are no witnesses to confirm it. And unfortunately there are no video recordings: the cameras on the motorway are all out of order and the toll booths are automatic. Except at the beginning of the journey. : in Milazzo she was in the car with her son ".

"We do not exclude any track or any hypothesis - continues the prosecutor - from the extreme gesture to the voluntary removal." The first place where the woman and the child were sought is the motorway viaduct near the point of the accident. The first track followed is But the prosecutor explains that “there is nothing” right in the viaduct and that “it would be difficult to reach it.” “From the point where the car stopped - continues Cavallo - anyone would have had little chance to move. There is an opening in the guardrail, it is true, but then there is a ground full of brambles, first a gully two meters deep. Continuing, there is a solid net one and a half meters high that has no gash. "

 "Both hypotheses are possible", he adds on the possibility that it was loaded on board by someone he knew or by someone he did not know, "how is it possible that they are dead, and we have not yet been able to find them. But for how much and how them. we are looking for, the hypothesis of their death has a 1% chance.

"" I hope - concluded the prosecutor Angelo Cavallo - that you call and say that they are well ".