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08 August 2020They were crossing the road when a car that was probably proceeding at high speed hit them: it happened last night in Naples, where a girl of just 15 years lost her life and her friend, who is 14 years old Instead, he got away with a fractured right leg and a prognosis of 30 days.

The fatal accident occurred in Piazza Carlo III. Driving a 4-seater Smart was a 21-year-old who is now in shock. The agents of the Traffic Accident section of the Local Police (coordinated by Captain Antonio Muriano) withdrew his license. He was then taken to the hospital for blood tests which will reveal whether he had been drinking alcohol or was under the influence of drugs.

The results should be ready in the next few days. Request for image acquisition of video surveillance systems.

The two girls lived in Calata Capodichino, not far from the scene of the accident, which occurred around one. According to what has been learned, they were on their way home.

The investigators of the road accident section of the Municipal Police of Naples did not detect signs of braking. The two girls had crossed one lane and were crossing a second one when the car arrived. According to what is learned, the dynamics of the incident would be quite clear: the 15-year-old was taken in full by the Smart and thrown several meters away from the impact site. When he fell he hit his head violently on the median.