In the video, humanity is at its best. The UAE is reuniting with a Yemeni Jewish family after 15 years of separation

An embodiment of the UAE’s approach to consolidating human values ​​... the concerned authorities in the country have helped to reunite a Jewish family from Yemen with the rest of its members residing in London, UK, to gather together in the UAE after a 15-year separation.

The concerned authorities in the country joined efforts to facilitate the travel of the "father" and "mother" from the sisterly Republic of Yemen to the country, and necessary measures were taken to allow the rest of the family members, the daughter, son, wife and grandchildren to travel from London to the UAE.

The family members confirmed to "Emirates News Agency" "WAM" that their reunion and meeting together after a separation that lasted about 15 years was like a miracle and an impossible dream, extending the highest expressions of thanks and appreciation to the UAE for the great efforts to arrange this meeting, which also confirms the approach of The pioneering humanitarian state and its lofty values ​​of tolerance and coexistence, which is a model for the whole world to follow.

After meeting his children, the father said: “Today I feel that I have been born again, because today I am very happy to meet with all members of my family, my children and grandchildren, and I also feel very happy and comfortable in being in the UAE, the country of coexistence, tolerance and goodness.

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