Accelerated industrial agglomeration projects
  [Sight] How far is Shanghai Science and Technology Film Capital from "Hollywood"?

  Up to now, the total number of film and television bases in my country has exceeded 1,000, but most of them are of low development quality, and there are only a handful of them that can achieve stable profits. Recently, the China Economic Information Service released the "China Film Capital Competitiveness Index Interim Report" and "Shanghai Science and Technology Film Capital Construction Benchmarking Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Index Report" and the "Benchmarking Report") in Shanghai. Stimulate market vitality, improve the level of film industrialization, technology, and modernization, and at the same time build a quantitative monitoring system for the development of major domestic movie capitals, and create a "navigation light" for the high-quality symbiotic development of the film industry and the region.

  Songjiang District, Shanghai is one of the important gathering areas of the domestic film and television industry. According to the plan, the Shanghai Science and Technology Film City is located in the southern new city of Songjiang, covering an area of ​​60.58 square kilometers, aiming to build an industry-leading technology film and television industry gathering center and a window for global Chinese and foreign film and television cultural exchanges. As of the end of May 2020, Songjiang has 4 municipal cultural and creative parks, 12 professional film and television shooting bases and professional studios, and 21 municipal film and television shooting locations, bringing together more than 6,000 film and television companies.

  With the effectiveness of technology empowerment, the continuous "overweight" of support policies, the continuous optimization of the business environment, and the successive implementation of a number of "billion-level" benchmark projects, Shanghai Science and Technology Film Capital has gathered pre-project approval, mid-term shooting, post-production, The whole industry chain including theater broadcasting and cultural and tourism integration has built a development system that closely integrates "production, study, research and application", and the brand influence is increasing day by day. Since 2019, due to the adjustment of taxation and other regulatory policies, China's film and television industry has entered an "adjustment period." Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia this year, cinemas have been closed for nearly half a year, and the industrial chain has suffered heavy losses. This has further exposed problems such as high vacancy rates, single models, and lack of professional capabilities in film and television bases.

  In this context, the "Benchmarking Report" investigated ten major domestic and foreign film and television bases, and combined with senior industry experts to provide advice and suggestions for the high-quality development of Shanghai Science and Technology Film Capital. In terms of film and television industrialization, it is recommended to learn from Hollywood’s mature industrial operation model, set industry entry barriers, and cultivate refined management concepts; in terms of film and television cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta, it is recommended to develop a staggered development with Hengdian, Wuxi, Ningbo Xiangshan and other places. Combine to achieve complementary advantages; in terms of talent training, it is recommended to learn from the development experience of British Pine Forest, Vancouver, Canada and other film and television bases, and explore the establishment of "Film Science Academy" and "Film Business School" related courses in domestic universities to provide talents for the development of science and technology film capital stand by.

  Experts suggest that Shanghai is now a leading domestic film and television "production center". The next step is to make efforts to build a film and television "production center". The crew will not only establish a project in Shanghai, but also be more willing to establish a team, filming, post-production, publicity and distribution in Shanghai. Develop derivative products. At the same time, it should give full play to the advantages of Shanghai as an international financial center, explore the establishment of a guarantee model that meets the characteristics of China's film and television industry, create customized insurance products, and build Shanghai into China's "film and television insurance capital".

  The film and television industry has the characteristics of strong subjectivity in evaluation, non-standardized products, and large fluctuations in box office performance. The operating modes of film and television bases in various regions also have their own focuses. Industry experts unanimously believe that in the era of film industrialization, my country’s film and television bases urgently need to establish an operating system compatible with industrialization and establish a standard system that can quantitatively evaluate the development level of the regional film and television industry.

  To this end, the China Economic Information Service makes full use of the advantages of the national high-end economic think tanks to develop the "China Film Capital Competitiveness Index" to quantify the development foundation, development level and development potential of domestic film capitals in digital form. The "Index Report" shows that the index takes the domestically influential film and television industry clusters as the research object, and establishes a multi-dimensional monitoring system for the regional film and television industry from the perspective of a third party to show the development status in an all-round way and systematically sort out the characteristics of each film industry Film and television resources and clarification of market positioning provide decision-making reference for managers and practitioners in the film and television industry.

Qian Peijian