China News Online, August 8th (Li Jiajia) At the 2nd International Single Cell Immunology Summit held in Shanghai on the 8th, the National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the forefront of China's fight against the new crown epidemic Professor Zhao Jincun, the deputy director of the office, said: “Under the guidance of Academician Zhong Nanshan, we have cooperated with many domestic and foreign units to isolate the new coronavirus from different tissues and constructed the world’s first non-transgenic mouse animal model. And with the global medical technology company BD cooperated with the use of advanced cell detection and analysis technologies such as single cell and flow cytometry to complete multi-party research on the effects of new crown therapeutic drugs, vaccine effectiveness tests, and new crown immune pathogenic mechanisms. Level magazine publishes research results online."

  Professor Zhao Jincun also expressed his sincere appreciation for the speed of BD’s response to the epidemic and its actions to actively fight side by side with Chinese medical and health institutions: “This cooperation allows us to fully realize the important value of high-parameter flow docking single-cell platforms. Such a combination of technologies will be very promising in the field of virus infection and disease research. We are full of expectations and confidence in the future cooperation between the two parties on the'full chain' platform."

  On the same day, many heavyweight guests, including Professor Su Bing, Director of the Shanghai Institute of Immunology, Professor Zhang Zheng, Director of the Institute of Liver Diseases of Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital, and many other heavyweight guests gathered in Shanghai. In one session, we will focus on topics such as cutting-edge technologies, development hotspots, and new crown research progress in the field of life sciences, and jointly promote the development of immunology in China.

  "Immunity" is an extremely important system of the human body. Almost all diseases in the human body are closely related to immunity. In-depth study of immune cells is of great significance in pathogenesis, disease prevention, progression, diagnosis and treatment methods. In particular, the new crown pneumonia epidemic that has ravaged the world this year has raised people's attention to human immunity to a higher and more important level. In recent years, the field of life science research has developed rapidly, and the importance of immunology research has become increasingly prominent, with great potential and a bright future.

  Professor Su Bing said at the summit, “The outbreak of a global epidemic has prompted life science research to go deeper and wider. In this process, we hope that China’s immunology research can also take on an important responsibility. In the future, we have actively promoted the development of China's immunology research through various forms of academic exchanges and cooperation, hoping to discuss cutting-edge technologies and research hotspots in the field of immunology with scientific researchers at home and abroad. In the past 40 years, Flow cytometry has played a very important role in the field of cell research, and in the future, it will shoulder a more important mission."

  "The efficient docking of the flow cytometry platform and the single-cell multi-omics platform means that we can complete the whole process of cell detection, sorting and single-cell heterogeneity research with one sample, which not only saves our research time and Precious samples, and at the same time, this more targeted single-cell research can obtain more information. The'full chain' platform can effectively reduce the amount of subsequent sequencing, substantially save the overall cost, and accelerate the experimental process ." Professor Zhang Zheng said.

  Professor Zhang Zheng also added: “With the rapid development of single-cell sequencing technology, single-cell research for single-dimensional genetic testing has been difficult to meet the in-depth exploration of life functions. Proteins, as the functional executive body of life activities, have more and more research value. More attention."

  Last year, BD used China as the world's first place, and officially launched its breakthrough BDFACSymphony? S6 high-parameter single cell sorting platform, which greatly expanded cell-targeted screening parameters from 20 to 60, while achieving 6-channel efficiency collect. Since then, the BDFACSymphony? series of high-parameter flow platforms (analytical A5 + sorting S6) have been fully implemented in China, achieving a combination of high-parameter fine detection and high-throughput targeted screening. This year, after leading the way with a high-parameter streaming platform, seamlessly linking BD’s unique Rhapsody? single-cell multi-omics platform that can achieve "uniform detection" of proteins and genes, BD has become the industry’s first offering for single-cell research. From broad-spectrum cell detection, targeted cell screening, single-cell multi-omics to bio-information analysis, "full chain" closed-loop service leader.

  "The new crown epidemic that swept the world in 2020 will bring a huge crisis to the public health field, and under the crisis there is also vitality for life science research. BD pays close attention to the development of the epidemic for the first time, using our advanced flow cytometry and The professional team who went to the front line courageously advances and retreats with the Shanghai Public Health Center, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, and the National Key Laboratory of Respiratory Diseases where Academician Zhong Nanshan is located." BD Greater China Vice President of Biosciences Hu Yiqing said. (Finish)