A view of Terracina


07 August 2020The petition against Piazza Almirante-Berlinguer in Terracina addressed to the prefect of Latina, Maurizio Falco, launched on July 28 by enricoberlinguer.it, the first website founded in 2009 on the former secretary of the PCI, and the blog Qualcosa di Sinistra (www.qualcosadisinistra.it), has exceeded 12 thousand signatures.

The request to the prefect is to block the joint title of the two ex-secretaries of the PCI and the MSI, in order to "reaffirm the anti-fascist character of our Republic", reads the text of the petition. The website enricoberlinguer.it, founded by a then twenty-year-old Pierpaolo Farina, now a graduate student of the University of Milan, and managed by a group of young people born after the fall of the Berlin Wall, is the first and largest web archive on the former secretary of the PCI and over the years he contributed to having squares named after him (in Milan, Rome, Naples, Florence) and in 2014, thirty years after his death, he successfully obtained the issue of a commemorative stamp, thanks to a wise use social media.

Pomicino: Berlinguer sons are right to say no
"Enrico Berlinguer's sons are right to oppose the decision of the Terracina city council to name a square after Enrico Berlinguer and Giorgio Almirante together. Two different and irreconcilable stories at least on official grounds. It is also right to remember on this occasion that Berlinguer and Almirante were two authoritative representatives of two cultures that in the twentieth century only produced misery and death, annulling all freedom of thought and speech ".

Thus in a statement the former minister Paolo Cirino Pomicino.

"Today that the losers of history are trying to rewrite it in a completely different way - he concludes - it is right to remember that Italy regained freedom on April 25, 1945 but defended it definitively on April 18, 1948 with the great victory of Democracy Christian. All the rest is crap. "