Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, August 7-Russian fighter planes intercepted a US bomber over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk on the 7th.

  The TASS news agency quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that the Russian army found a target over the neutral waters of the Pacific that was trying to approach the Russian border. The Russian Eastern Military Region immediately dispatched three Su-35S fighters to identify and intercept them over the sea of ​​Okhotsk. The target is the US B-1B bomber.

  The source said that the Russian fighters always abide by the rules of international airspace use during the flight.

  It was also reported that a Su-27 fighter plane in the southern Russian military region intercepted a US RC-135 strategic reconnaissance plane and a P-8A Poseidon patrol plane over the Black Sea that day.

  NATO aircraft headed by the United States often arrive near the Russian border for reconnaissance activities, and Russia has always firmly opposed this. On the 5th of this month, Russian fighter planes intercepted two US reconnaissance planes over the Black Sea.