“I will reveal a secret. Maybe even for Vladimir Stepanovich (Minister of Health. - RT ), "the president said at a meeting with healthcare workers.

He added that he himself “had to endure this misfortune”.

“You know what I was thinking. You will enroll me in this gold fund now, when they donate blood, make plasma and then treat people ... You take this plasma, inject all oppositionists drop by drop, ”BelTA quotes the head of state.

According to him, this is the easiest way to "turn them towards the state."

“In my direction. I say this publicly so that all oppositionists get a drop of blood, ”the Belarusian leader emphasized.

As the president noted, they will not refuse.

“You know, when you get to the intensive care unit, you don’t look there, what kind of blood is. Just to survive. Such a half-joke, half-truth, ”he concluded.

On July 28, Lukashenko said that he was asymptomatic with COVID-19.

He later noted that he was deliberately infected with the coronavirus.