The background to the exclusion is, according to Geramy Woldu, that the Halmstad Association has had problems with its management for several years. One year ago, Paul Barrath, former chairman of the nationwide organization and local association, was expelled. This after he allegedly abused his position as chairman and was accused of sexual advances against female employees.

And according to Geramy Woldu, it is the aftermath of Paul Barrath's government that has led to the decision to exclude the local association.

- It has been person-controlled and a person who controls with an iron hand. When he disappears, others will take over, they do not know how, because they have never learned how to lead an association, he says.  

Improper use of grants

Geramy Woldu does not want to go into exactly what Kris Halmstad should have done, but he says that it is, among other things, that they have used contributions from the employment service in an incorrect way.

- They have had time to do the right thing, but have not done so and therefore we made this decision, says Germay Woldu.

Announced the decision on Thursday

The national organization has not made any police report and the decision on exclusion was made last Tuesday. On Thursday, they announced the decision to the association in Halmstad.

When SVT nyheter Halland reaches Halmstad's now former Kris association, they have just read through the news of the exclusion and currently do not want to give any comment.