Japan-UK New Economic Partnership Agreement Adjusts to Excessive Information Collection Regulations by the State Final Adjustment August 7 19:45

Japan and the UK have entered into final coordination in a new economic partnership agreement that is being negotiated to include a text that regulates the state's excessive collection of data held by companies. As digitalization accelerates worldwide, it is also possible to prevent the free economic activities of corporations from being hindered and to curb the information management by states such as in China.

The Japanese and British governments are in talks with Foreign Minister Mogi and Minister for International Trade in Truss to conclude an economic partnership agreement, and are discussing the handling of digital data in addition to tariffs on agricultural products and industrial products. I will.

In this, it was found that the Japanese and British governments have entered into final adjustments in the direction of incorporating a clause called "domestic regulation" that limits excessive information collection by the state into the new economic partnership agreement.

According to the people involved in the negotiations, the Japanese and British governments will restrict the collection of data and confidential information held by their domestic companies, except when necessary for security reasons.

In the background, as the digitization of the world accelerates, if the country's movement to arbitrarily manage corporate data spreads, it may violate the privacy of individuals or interfere with the free economic activities of companies. I have a concern about

Regarding the handling of data held by companies, the WTO = World Trade Organization has also begun examination work, and both the Japanese and British governments have pioneered the model rules internationally and led discussions, as well as in China etc. There is also the aim of controlling information management by the nation.