A former Saudi intelligence officer, Saad al-Jabri, filed a lawsuit in Washington against Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman accusing him of sending a team to assassinate him in Canada in order to obtain important records, two weeks after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 2018.

According to the lawsuit documents, Muhammad bin Salman sent a team to Canada to carry out an outlaw killing against al-Jabri, a former adviser to Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, and that senior US officials were aware of the details of the assassination attempt.

In these documents - published by Canadian media, quoting the Canadian newspaper "Katharins Standard" - the "Tiger Squad" that was charged with the assassination of Jabri tried to enter Canada with tourist visas obtained in May 2018, and was carrying two bags of forensic tools, It included an expert such as the forensic specialist who had chopped Khashoggi.

The documents stated that the Canadian authorities suspected the team members, who tried to camouflage, claiming that they did not know each other, and allowed only one of them to enter because he held a diplomatic passport.

It also states that the Saudi crown prince told his advisers in May 2019 that he had received a fatwa authorizing the killing of al-Jabri.

The lawsuit also included the text of a letter from the Saudi Crown Prince requesting that al-Jabri return within 24 hours, otherwise he would be killed, and it was also reported that Muhammad bin Salman believed that al-Jabri was behind a conclusion reached by the CIA of the Crown Prince's involvement In the assassination of Khashoggi, and that he told the Americans that Badr al-Asaker, who is one of Bin Salman's close associates, had directed the assassination of the late journalist in Istanbul.

After exhausting every avenue for a peaceful remedy, my family had no choice but to seek justice and accountability in a US federal court. We hope that this lawsuit will help end our torment, protect my father and reunite us with Sarah and Omar.https: //t.co/HnQrVa9rAC

- Dr. Khalid Aljabri | Khaled Al-Jabri (@JabriMD) August 6, 2020

Protect al-Jabri and his family

It states that Muhammad bin Salman sent another team to assassinate Al-Jabri during his stay in Boston, USA, in 2017, and that he tried for months to deploy undercover agents in the United States in an attempt to track down the location of the former officer.

For his part, Khaled, the son of Saad Al-Jabri, said in a tweet on his Twitter account that they have exhausted the friendly ways to solve the issue, and that they have nothing but justice and accountability through the American judiciary.

He expressed the hope that the lawsuit would protect his father, reunite his family and release his brothers Sarah and Omar.

Canadian media reported that the Saudi crown prince traced Bin Nayef's advisor in the United States to assassinate him and obtain extremely important records, and indicated that the recordings contain dangerous information for publication in the event of the assassination.

The lawsuit, filed by the former Saudi intelligence officer, demands compensation from Muhammad bin Salman and his close associates for masterminding the assassination attempt.

Intelligence warning

CNN has quoted an adviser to al-Jabri that foreign intelligence sources and private investigators have informed Canada of the arrival date of the Saudi assassination team, according to CNN.

It also quoted US officials as saying that US National Security officials were fully aware of the circumstances of the assassination attempt on the former Saudi officer.

Democratic Representative Tom Malinovsky told the network that the details of the attempted assassination of Jabri were credible.

According to the lawsuit documents, the FBI warned Khaled, the son of Saad al-Jabri, 9 months before the Saudi assassination team went to Canada from a plan to assassinate his father, and Khaled was then in Boston.

The case documents stated that the former colleague of al-Jabri, Bajad al-Harbi, denied the city of Toronto as an investor and sought to persuade the former officer to go to Turkey, but al-Jabri refused.

For his part, a US official said to the island that the authorities in Washington will not comment on the Al-Jabri case because it is a legal case before an American court.


In the same context, members of the US House of Representatives Democrat Tom Malinovsky and Ro Khanna confirmed that the details of the assassination attempt are credible, and that the pattern of Muhammad Bin Salman's revenge against his opponents reinforces the importance of investigating the case.

CNN, quoting a former high-ranking US official, said that US national security officials have been following the efforts of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to avenge Saad al-Jabri some time ago, at the highest levels.

The source said that all levels are aware that Bin Salman wanted to entice Al-Jabri to Saudi Arabia and he was failing that, and that Bin Salman would seek to pursue him abroad with the intention of causing great harm to him, as the official described to CNN.

In response to a question on the island, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy said that the facts contained in the lawsuit cases filed by Saad Al-Jabri against the Saudi crown prince are appalling.

Leahy added that, had it not been for the Canadian border guards ’acumen, Al-Jabri would have been killed, cut up and secretly disposed of his remains.

Leahy said that these facts show the Saudi crown prince's tendency to commit the most heinous crimes to silence his critics, confident that he is above the law.

It is worth noting that the Senator signed a letter last month urging President Donald Trump to seek Saudi Arabia to release Al-Jabri's sons.

Meanwhile, Anais Kalamar, the United Nations special rapporteur on follow-up to arbitrary executions, said that what was published about Muhammad Bin Salman’s attempt to harm Jabri had not surprised her.

Calamard added on Twitter that the Khashoggi assassination was not the first operation of a Saudi assassination team and would not be the last.

She added that Khashoggi’s assassination was a state-supervised killing, which Saudi Arabia insists on denying.