The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) has confirmed the provision of major health services to senior citizens, to relieve them and facilitate their access to the medical care they need, in addition to protecting them from infection with the emerging coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The services included conducting a survey for senior citizens to detect the virus for free, providing a home scanning service, delivering medicine to their residence addresses, providing medical advice service over the phone, in addition to other home care services that they need.

The Executive Director of Health’s External Curative Services, Muhammad Hawas Al-Sadid, affirmed that “SEHA” is keen to improve the quality of healthy life for senior citizens, and to ensure their active and continuous participation within the community fabric in the UAE, by providing them with health care, pointing out that the cadres Medical, technical and administrative work to provide distinctive care, each according to their specialization, in order to provide them with means of comfort.

He explained that the "SEHA" company provides a package of various and integrated services in the area of ​​home care for senior citizens, who cannot come to health centers and hospitals.

The services include giving priority to them in booking appointments at survey centers, through the “Response” call center, via the number 8001717, to facilitate their access to services, and conducting the survey for free for those over the age of 50, whether they are Emiratis or residents, to detect a virus New Corona (Covid-19), in addition to providing a home scanning service for senior citizens in the targeted areas, through a medical team visiting them at home, and conducting a nasal swab to detect the virus.

The rest of the services include the delivery of medicine to the home under the slogan "We connect you .. do not paralyze them."

In the first phase, the service targets senior citizens and those visiting a chronic disease clinic, in order to ensure their safety, to reduce the possibility of infection, and to reduce their burden by avoiding the hardship of going to the health center, as the doctor communicates with them by phone to provide medical advice to them, and then deliver the medicine directly to Their homes.

The company provided a medical consultation service over the phone, with the aim of providing the opportunity for all segments of society to access health services without the need to visit health centers, especially in light of the circumstances of the spread of the new Corona virus, in addition to providing home care services, which is a program that cares for people with diseases Chronically advanced, or those with physical disabilities, senior citizens who are difficult to transport to hospital.

The program provides continuous and comprehensive health care and follow-up to patients in their homes, through a trained health team qualified for this purpose, in addition to providing the necessary medical devices and medicines for them.

"Health" pointed out that the services provided to senior citizens also include the provision of a mobile health unit that provides them with a large number of medical services, including conducting periodic laboratory examinations based on the patient's need, providing the necessary vaccinations, and providing nursing services such as nursing and clinical evaluation, and changing wounds. And giving intramuscular injections at the doctor's request, in addition to specialized and accredited clinics for comprehensive medical examinations in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

"Your Health is a Trust"

The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) is implementing the "Your Health is a Trust" initiative to provide excellent health care to senior citizens.

The initiative includes an integrated system of diverse and integrated services in regard to home care for senior citizens who do not wish to attend health centers and hospitals. It includes providing medical advice to non-emergency cases, accompanied by a nurse or a nurse for him, clinical examination according to the patient’s health status, and taking samples for tests. The laboratory, the vaccination service, prescribing drugs and delivering them to the patient.

Under the initiative, "SEHA" provides proactive services to senior citizens, including an appointment reminder service an hour before the reserved appointment, assuring senior citizens who have an appointment to visit clinics that the work team is waiting for them, and providing private front parking near the entrances of the clinics of the external therapeutic services. And wheelchairs for those who need them, receiving them by a designated employee, taking them to the required clinic, giving them priority at the registration office, speeding entry for medical examination, in addition to giving them priority in the appointments of the radiology and physiotherapy department, and providing an accompanying interpreter for the patient.

5 basic services for senior citizens

Conducting the survey for senior citizens to detect the virus for free.

Offer an in-house survey service.

Medication delivery to their residence addresses.

Provide medical advice service over the phone.

Provide other home care services they need.

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