Al Jazeera Net has obtained the documents of the lawsuit filed by former Saudi intelligence officer Saad al-Jabri in Washington against Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, accusing him of sending a team to assassinate him in America and Canada in pursuit of important records.

The invitation accuses the Saudi crown prince, whom you refer to with Muhammad bin Salman, of forming a team to arrange the killing of al-Jabri by three people, Bader al-Asaker, Saud al-Qahtani and Ahmed al-Asiri, all of whom are senior aides.

The invitation confirms that Bin Salman sent a team to assassinate him during his stay in Boston, USA, in 2017, and that he tried for months to deploy undercover agents in the United States in an attempt to track down the location of the former officer.

After those efforts failed, the Saudi crown prince sent another team to assassinate Al-Jabri in Canada, two weeks after the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018.

The lawsuit included the text of a letter from the Saudi Crown Prince requesting that al-Jabri return within 24 hours or he would be killed.

The case papers seen by Al-Jazeera Net in detail indicate that Saad Al-Jabri accuses Muhammad bin Salman of seeking to kill him to prevent him from undermining his private relations with the United States and President Donald Trump's administration.

The lawsuit says that targeting the defendant bin Salman al-Jabri directly affects US interests, because the Saudi crown prince considers that Jabri's close ties with the American intelligence community stand in his way to enhance influence and power between US government officials.

She added that Saad Al-Jabri formed those close relations with the United States after he made Saudi Arabia one of Washington's most important partners in fighting terrorism globally and within the region.

She pointed out that these ties contributed to saving the lives of hundreds and possibly thousands of Americans due to al-Jabri and his associates foiling an al-Qaeda plan to bomb two cargo planes heading to the United States.

Bin Salman's schemes and
case papers say, "The defendant bin Salman's desire to disrupt these relations by eliminating al-Jabri was clear, and it started when he stripped him of his position in the Saudi government for his meeting with CIA Director John Brennan in May / May 2017 ".

The documents added that Al-Jabri had learned from his American friends about the existence of credible threats that made him fear for his safety and flee from Saudi Arabia.

According to confirmed information, defendant Bin Salman believes that al-Jabri is responsible for the CIA's conclusion, which was leaked in December 2018, that Bin Salman had personally ordered the killing of Jamal Khashoggi.

The documents say, "This conclusion seriously tarnished the reputation of the accused bin Salman in the United States and other western countries, and accordingly, bin Salman al-Jabri considered a threat to his position in the United States and must be eliminated."

Invitation papers indicate that bin Salman tried to kill al-Jabri in several countries, as he tried to entice al-Jabri to return to Saudi Arabia or to travel to Turkey where he could be killed easily, and when he failed to do so he kidnapped and tortured his sons and relatives in an attempt to pressure him to force him to return to Saudi Arabia.

Court powers
The call is based on the jurisdiction of the Federal Court to hear the case because the violations to which al-Jabri is subjected violate international standards, the TVPA and Foreign Damage (ATS).

This court can begin to hold defendant Mohammed bin Salman and his agents for their actions, and hold them accountable for the reasons for crossing international borders, including reaching the United States, to hunt and kill a man as long as the United States relied on him to maintain the safety of American citizens, who is specifically targeted because of His relationship with the United States.

The lawsuit, filed by the former Saudi intelligence officer, demands compensation from Muhammad bin Salman and his close associates for masterminding the assassination attempt.

For his part, Khaled Saad Al-Jabri's son, Khaled, said in a tweet on his Twitter account that they have exhausted friendly ways to solve the issue, and that they have nothing but justice and accountability through the American judiciary.

After exhausting every avenue for a peaceful remedy, my family had no choice but to seek justice and accountability in a US federal court. We hope that this lawsuit will help end our torment, protect my father and reunite us with Sarah and Omar.https: //

- Dr. Khalid Aljabri | Khaled Al-Jabri (@JabriMD) August 6, 2020

He expressed the hope that the lawsuit would help protect his father, reunite his family and release his sister, Sarah, and his brother Omar.

The Washington Post revealed that the International Criminal Police (Interpol) rejected a Saudi request to arrest Jabri in early July 2018, and described the request as politically motivated.

The newspaper added that Interpol considered the travel ban on al-Jabri's family as unjustified, and that the case was politically motivated, not legal.